The Jazz Center For Poster Art™ is a poster art social action initiative focused on the economic empowerment of Jazz artists and marginalized members of their communities.


Vision: Our vision is to reinvent how Jazz is represented and packaged visually across trans-media platforms while ensuring the economic empowerment of Jazz musicians.


Mission:  Our mission is to assist the economic goals of Jazz musicians, their estates, and their self-owned labels through the development of unique intellectual properties.


Problem: Apart from his or her tours or featured performances, the jazz musician has no sustainable revenue, or unique intellectual properties, and thus, no creative catalog from which they can negotiate, strengthen, and increase their economic mobility.


Solution: The Jazz Center for Poster Art™ offers specialized solution based trans-media designs that includes the following: collectible poster art for tours or special events, collectible wear for fans and social projects,  collectible artwork for estate development and independent films,  legacy poster art and campaigns for self-owned labels.


Values: Excellence, creative integrity, sustainability, and ingenuity.


Philosophy:  Create to challenge adversity and assist social progress.


Willie Bruno II and Portals To Dignity Inc. are the founders of The Jazz Center For Poster Art™ Initiative

Mr. Bruno is a master illustrator. He is the creator of the Mix Media Modular Method™, a creative process he uses to develop his artwork. He is the co-producer of How Do You Create™, an upcoming print and video series featuring award-winning Jazz talent.  How Do You Create™ is the host of Counter-Adversity™, a social action initiative that seeks to disrupt the pipeline from foster care and group homes to NYS prisons.