Co-developed by The Jazz Center for Poster Art and Portals To Dignity Inc, a New York social enterprise,

How Do You Create™ is the host initiative for Counter-Adversity™, a social action project created to disrupt the pipeline from foster care and group homes to NYS prisons.


"Inextricably intertwined with the blues, jazz is a music that stares adversity straight in the eye, and triumphs over it.

The culture from which jazz came suffered great hardship and indignity,

and the music of that culture was both its medicine, and its weapon of defense".

Roots Motion

How Do You Create™ serves as a counter-adversity mentor in the form of video interviews, featuring

world-class jazz musicians.  Jazz is the personification of resistance to adversity and social colonization.

It’s historic and artistic achievement across generations is unmatched.  Jazz, and it’s people of origin, continue to experience racial oppression and social inequities, all of which have influenced the integrity, complexity, ingenuity and mastery of the genre and it’s creators.

This initiative will be funded through the sales of collectible Jazz Poster Art.

How Is Counter-Adversity™ Implemented:

Counter-Adversity™ gives voice to survivors and youth currently in New York State's foster care and group home system. Rather than deciding the needs of persons in foster care and group homes, counter-adversity provides them the opportunity to request areas of need that are important to their goals.  The How Do You Create™ website is currently in development as well as the website for it's initiative, Counter-Adversity™