This process comes in 4 stages:



First, there is an initial meeting where we get to know each other.  This meeting sets the tone for the entire process and relationship. Here we discuss the following:              

  • What is your vision?

  • Consider the options offered by the Jazz Center For Poster Art™ Initiative, which is the following:

  • a.) A retainer (payment) structure that is reserved for any project that would cause overheads for the initiative.


  • b.) A contract partnership structure where there are minimal costs for both parties.

  • Determine set goals, which can be any of the following: to achieve intellectual property for a new estate or

    add themed collectibles for an existing one.

  • To create legacy collectibles for an upcoming album,  an upcoming tour, or performance series, which could    

     include Limited edition prints.


Stage 2:

At this stage, a written and signed agreement has been established, and the development process begins.


This stage is the opportunity to share ideas, to understand who you are as the artist, and to determine how your brand is to be approached and effectively conveyed.


Based on our discussion, a research compendium of different images reflecting the project's creative direction is presented. For example,  this would include color pallete choices, style selection such as a futuristic, contemporary, or a retro look, typography, and other relevant design choices, always with the target audience in mind. If the project is a part of an established medium, then it will be essential to consider a complementary style since branding must be consistent for it to be effective and recognizable to its audience.


At the end stage 2, an action plan is created and signed off by you, and the Jazz Center For Poster Art™ Initiative.


Stage 3:

At this stage, the design process begins: several sketches, layouts of ideas, and concepts are presented to keep you informed and to obtain feedback.  Communication is essential here to realize the desired vision. Several revisions take place to achieve a masterpiece.


Stage 4:

At this stage,  the chosen concept is signed off by both parties. It is polished, prepared, and packaged for gallery-quality prints, and, or, other mediums.

"As a visual communicator, it is essential to convey strong, compelling imagery, and design collectible art and products that have value for the audience, and ultimately make a lasting impression. As the co-facilitator of an economic empowerment initiative, my mission is to ensure that Jazz musicians are not reduced to paupers, as a result of illness and other circumstances that cause economic shocks.  The Jazz Center For Poster Art™ seeks to achieve both unique collectibles and improved financial outcomes."

Wille Bruno II